Conduct Target Property Research

As the real estate adage goes, “Money is made at the purchase, not at the sale.” We believe this to be true, which is why we conduct extensive research into every property we intend to acquire. This includes reviewing property surveys, leases, appraisals, governmental documents, photos of the property, property title, tax forms, environmental reports, property condition reports, zoning documents, construction documents, material correspondence, city records, offering memorandums or other documents sourced from public records and the seller’s agent.


Assess the Opportunity

We analyze every bit of information related to a target property and determine whether or not it meets our standards for quality and potential for delivering returns that meet our established thresholds. In addition to our own underwriting analysis, we have an additional underwriter perform secondary underwriting to affirm our assessment and validate our assumptions. We believe in “measuring twice and cutting once so,” to speak. 1880 Capital investors have the peace of mind in knowing that only the highest quality commercial real estate assets that are run through two levels of review and validation qualify as targets for acquisition and inclusion in our funds.


Secure Debt Financing to Complete the Capital Structure

Capital contributions from our investors and 1880 Capital comprise the equity portion of the capital required to purchase commercial real estate properties. We have relationships with preferred lenders who specialize in financing commercial real estate syndications to contribute the debt portion of the capital structure. Every property acquisition is unique and economic factors, such as the interest rate environment, determine the mix of debt and equity for the capital structure of every deal. We leverage our extensive commercial real estate experience and expertise to determine the ideal mix of debt and equity in order to deliver maximum returns to our investors.


Inspect the Property

We personally conduct site visits for every property we intend to acquire. Walking the property, speaking with existing tenants, and touring the area are critical to completing our assessment of the opportunity. After a property passes our test, we contract with commercial real estate specialists such as property inspectors, property management professionals, contractors, architects, and commercial brokers to conduct a thorough review of the structure.


Additional Due Diligence

This could include engaging an environmental engineer, architectural engineer, as well as a traffic engineer. Along with reviewing Natural Hazard Disclosure and reviewing governmental documents that include city, county & state agency approvals.


Legal Review

Our legal team, who specialize in commercial real estate, reviews legal documentation in order to ensure that transactions are in order and there are no unexpected surprises at closing. They determine whether or not there are liabilities or other legal issues that may affect the purchase transaction or our ability to sell the property after the hold period. If areas of caution are identified, they work with us to remediate the prior to closing.


How It Works

1880 Capital Purchases and Manages the Commercial Real Estate Assets

You Invest In
Our Fund and Receive Periodic Distributions

You Receive
24/7 Access to
Performance of Your Investment

We Sell the Properties,
Liquidate the
Fund, and Split Profits with You


Tenants pay rent

Tenants pay rent, usually monthly.
Revenue can also come from
parking, signage, etc.

Building expenses are paid

The real estate operator or property
manager pays building expenses
from the rental income.

Investors are paid

After expenses are paid, the
remaining income is distributed
to our investors first, then us.

Upon sale of the property, equity is distributed back to investors along with any profits from the sale.

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Let’s start with a few details about you…

Let’s start with a few details about you…

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